Expanding Your Students’ Collaborative Learning Network

Expanding Your Students’ Collaborative Learning Network

What if you extended student group activities beyond the four walls of your classroom? PTRC readers, peer tutoring practitioners and enthusiasts, there are collaborative learning strategies described in this Edutopia article we think you might find interesting and want to incorporate into your classroom management practices.

The article’s author, Alex Byland, a special educator needed to spruce up the collaborative learning routines when his middle grade math and science students began getting bored with them. And we all know that students getting bored with one another and their routines does not yield favorable outcomes. In an attempt to remedy emerging classroom management problems, Byland chose to expand his collaborative learning efforts beyond his classroom by working in partnership with fellow teachers.

As described in the article, the outcome of regrouping students across classrooms was remarkable. Head over to Edutopia to read about the five collaborative learning strategies (peer tutoring included) Byland and his colleagues found to be effective.


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