Peer Tutoring Videos

Mason High School Peer Tutoring

This peer tutoring program has also been featured here on the PTRC blog. In the article spotlight, Jere Clark goes into more detail about running her successful program. Learn about her tutor selection process, the tutor leadership roles and training process, program evaluation results and more

Peer Critiquing

Teaching Channel video featuring elementary school teacher, Sherwanda Chism, demonstrates a strategy to help students critique each other’s work

Using Peer Teaching to Build Community in the Classroom

In this Teaching Channel video, math teacher, Heather Ashton conducts math homework review using peer teaching

peer teaching video

Reciprocal Peer Tutoring

A video demonstration by Jennifer Gonzalez of Cult of Pedagogy shows when and how to use the reciprocal learning strategy


Benefits of Peer Tutoring in the Classroom

A teacher discusses her use of peer coaching with Khan Academy in her classroom


Demonstration of Classwide Peer Tutoring

Students act out classwide peer tutoring procedures. CWPT is a research based cooperative learning strategy


Why This Havard Physics Professor Stopped ‘Lecturing’

Eric Mazur explains why he employs peer instruction methods in his Harvard University Physics course. Though focused on higher education, the points raised in this video are very much applicable to peer tutoring in k-12 settings, particularly at the high school level


Classwide Peer Tutoring Explained

This video animation by Mark Drollinger demonstrates how classwide peer tutoring is conducted. Video is accompanied by a leaderboard for tracking student progress


Keep it or Junk it: A Student Run Lesson (Watch Video >>)

keep-it-junk-it video screenshot

Developing a Successful Peer Tutoring Program

Dr. Chad Gestson, Director of School Leadership at Phoenix Union High School District and former principal of Camelback High School (CBHS), Arizona talks about the design and implementation of the highly successful peer tutoring program that transformed the once failing school.


The Peer Enabled Restructured Classroom in Action

Introduction to The Peer Enabled Restructured Classroom by National Science Teachers Association

Demonstration of Using Cross-Age Peer Tutoring Intervention For Practicing Math Times Table

Peer Tutoring in Action Video by Learning Together

Cross-Age Tutoring Demonstration Video by Utah State Office of Education

Fostering Deeper Learning in English Language Learners Using Peer Tutoring (Watch Video>>)

Also available are the peer tutoring resource library donations made by Rosmery Milczewski (math teacher featured in this Teaching Channel video).

peer tutoring practitionerrosmery milczewski


Peer Tutoring Symposium

An event organized by the R.A.D Schwartz Foundation in partnership with Oakland Unified School District and Urban Strategies Council for educators and peer tutoring practitioners to learn about the effects of peer tutoring strategies on literacy and school climate, and how to effectively apply such strategies. Watch video clips of some of the symposium speakers.

peer tutoring conference in Oakland California