Starting a peer tutoring program often requires support from parents, teachers and other school officials; and it's not uncommon to find that some of these individuals are unfamiliar with the notion of peer tutoring.

For example, parents who aren’t familiar with peer tutoring strategies often have concerns about letting their children participate as peer tutors because they worry it will take away from their learning time and therefore do not perceive peer tutoring as a good use of their children’s time. On the other hand, you might have to address concerns among parents who are apprehensive about their children receiving academic instruction from a fellow student. They might ask a question like: “How can I trust that a peer tutor will give my child accurate information?”

These types of situations and many others lead to an inevitable need to educate parents, educators and other stakeholders when garnering support for the development of a peer tutoring program. The new peer tutoring FAQ page on this site - which is still undergoing frequent updates – is one way to get everyone up to speed on what peer tutoring is all about.

What are some of the questions you think should be addressed in a peer tutoring FAQ?

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