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Message from the National Tutoring Association

Announcing . . . NTA Training Webinars & Workbooks

Starting September 19, 2014, NTA will start offering training webinars for every level of certification. These webinars will feature a live facilitator, a cohort of 20-25 other students with whom you may communicate both during and after the webinar, and materials provided in electronic format. You may view the webinar during its initial 3-hour live presentation, or watch the recorded webinar followed by a short assessment. These webinars will remain cutting edge for training information as the new webinar format allows the NTA to revise content every 3-4 months at no additional cost to participants. The cost of the webinars is $69.95 per session.

We are offering a 10% discount on webinar tuition for anyone who would like to register by September 15, 2014 for any currently scheduled webinar.

For those already certified as trainers, we will be offering workbooks at $9.95 each with a free training PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 25 workbooks ordered.

View our entire list of scheduled webinars.

To register for a webinar before September 15th to receive the 10% discount, please e-mail

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