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The Peer Tutoring Resource Center is a project of the RAD Schwartz Foundation, which has supported peer tutoring in Oakland for more than 30 years. See Our History for more information.

Mission: We aim to support the development of caring and collaborative citizens by enhancing the use, expansion and sustainability of peer tutoring – a model engaging students as instructors and leaders in classrooms and across schools.

Purpose: The Peer Tutoring Resource Center facilitates the use of peer tutoring as a strategy for improving academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students, including historically underserved populations, such as children of color, children from low-income families, English Language Learners, and students with learning challenges or disabilities. The Center supports teachers, after school practitioners, and other instructional leaders to systematically incorporate peer tutoring into classrooms and schools by providing a comprehensive online library of curricula, lesson plans, and tools; research on promising practices and documented outcomes; and a forum for sharing lessons, challenges, and successes.

Peer Tutoring 101: FAQ About Peer Tutoring in K-12 >>



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