Peer Tutoring & Other Useful Links

useful peer tutoring links and resources


  • Afterschool Training Toolkit  – Resource guide from The National Center for Quality Afterschool for providing academic enrichment in after-school programs.
  • The 40-Hour Teacher Workweek Club – a fee-based resource, developed by Angela Watson of The Cornerstone for Teachers, to assist teachers in achieving work/life balance.
  • Student Leadership for All – article explores ways to give all students opportunities at leadership. Written by a special ed teacher from a school that emphasizes character education
  • Deeper Learning Planning Guide – based on the book, Deeper Learning: How Eight Public Schools are Transforming Education in the 21st Century, this guide aims to help schools plan and create the conditions necessary for Deeper Learning
  • Guide to Student-to-Student Teaching – article on explores the use of peer-created videos as tools for engaging students and making them become part of the subject matter
  • Classwide Peer Tutoring tools from The University of Kansas’ Special Connections – a website designed for those engaged in the meaningful inclusion of students with special needs in the general education curriculum
  • Peer Tutoring – a guide by UK based education website, TES (Teach, Educate, Share) is an excellent resource with videos, articles and teaching materials designed by teachers and researchers
  • Classwide Peer Tutoring: Information for Families – A brief that is aimed to help families understand what peer tutoring is by explaining its benefits along with supporting research studies. It also suggests how parents and teachers can lend support to this classroom teaching strategy.
  • Elements of an Effective Character Education – A description of the principles of character education coupled with suggestions of how to integrate it across the curriculum. Contains character education activity ideas for a variety of curriculum areas.

  • Peer and Cross-Age Tutoring by Northwest Regional Educational Lab – In its School Improvement Research Series (SIRS), the Northwest Regional Education Lab shares peer tutoring research information covering the areas of implementation, cost, high-needs students,  effectiveness of peer tutoring in various subject areas, and why peer tutoring works.