In our latest roundup of peer tutoring resources, we've curated a wealth of materials to empower educators and students alike. Explore peer tutor training activities, along with comprehensive resources for implementing peer tutoring math and reading interventions. Uncover engaging reading programs and activities tailored for elementary grade classrooms, accompanied by a video demonstration showcasing effective training techniques for implementing one of these featured reading programs. These resources are sure to elevate your peer tutoring initiatives and promote academic success!

Schoolwide Model Resources

Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

Peer-Based Reading & Math Intervention

In our article featuring Learning Together, you'll learn about the program's reading and math interventions, designed to pair two struggling students in a rigorous, structured, and research-based peer learning partnership.

Peer Tutor Training / Recruitment

Peer Tutor Training Role Playing Activity

This peer tutor training activity provides trainees with an engaging role-playing experience, immersing them in various tutoring session scenarios. Accompanying questions prompt trainees to analyze and respond to the scenarios thoughtfully. Moreover, the activity encourages trainees to reflect on their past experiences, encompassing both positive and negative interactions with tutors and instructors.

Creating Connections: Peer Tutors

As a component of Needham High School's peer tutor training, this document focuses on the significance of empathy and connection in tutoring relationships. It emphasizes the need to genuinely understand tutees, respect their vulnerabilities, and foster a safe learning environment. The document advocates for building strong connections and supporting tutees' social and emotional well-being alongside their academic progress, offering insightful ideas and activities to facilitate meaningful connections.

Classwide Model Resources

Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

Helping English Language Learners Succeed in Peer Learning & Collaboration

In this resource by Colorin Colorado, you will find valuable strategies and recommended resources aimed at boosting peer collaboration among ELLs and ensuring the success of their group work.

Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans & Tools

Kindergarten Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (K-PALS) in Reading | Teacher Manual

This comprehensive manual is tailored to support kindergarten teachers in implementing K-PALS effectively within their classrooms. PALS offers a valuable opportunity to differentiate instruction and accommodate diverse learning needs by incorporating classwide, reciprocal peer tutoring alongside core teaching methods. The focus of Kindergarten PALS (K-PALS) centers around enhancing phonemic awareness, developing letter-sound recognition, improving sight word reading, and strengthening decoding skills.

Number Sense: Promoting Basic Numeracy Skills through a Counting Board Game

Jim Wright's early math intervention is skillfully designed to cultivate essential number sense-related abilities. The program focuses on honing number identification, counting skills, estimation techniques, and fostering the ability to visualize and comprehend specific number values.

Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) in Reading for First Grade | Teacher Manual

This manual serves as a guide to educators, enabling them to effectively implement PALS in their first-grade classrooms. The program emphasizes crucial aspects such as phonological awareness, decoding skills, and word recognition.

Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) in Reading Grades 2-6 | Teacher Manual

The PALS Grades 2 – 6 reading program is designed to enhance decoding and word identification, fluency, and comprehension of narrative texts. The program features activities that focus on peers providing immediate feedback to each other.

Letter-Sound Dominoes Phonics Activity

Engage your students with this interactive activity where student pairs work on letter-sound correspondence. By playing a domino game, students match initial sounds of pictures to letters, reinforcing their letter-sound recognition skills.

Peer Tutoring Videos

K-PALS Video Demonstration

Experience a video demonstration showcasing one of the training lessons aimed at teaching students how to effectively implement K-PALS activities with a partner. K-PALS (Kindergarten Peer Assisted Learning Strategies) is a reading intervention program, emphasizing essential skills like phonemic awareness, letter-sound recognition, sight word reading, and decoding.

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