Below is a roundup of the latest resources from the peer tutoring resource library.

Schoolwide Model Resources

Peer Tutoring Program Design and Planning

Effective Practices for Online Tutoring

Written for the community college setting, this paper by the Academic Senate for California Community
Colleges Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services (TASSC) committee which aims to assist community college faculty with the development of effective practices for online tutoring programs, covers topics that are applicable to high school tutoring programs.

Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans and Tools

Peer Tutor Weekly Log

A form sourced from Inclusive Schools Network for cross-age tutors to record peer support sessions and communicate to the teacher about tutee’s participation.

Peer Tutor Recruitment, Training and Evaluation

Evanston Township High Peer Tutor Training

Sample presentation used in training new tutors at Evanston Township High School

Tips for Tutors - Palo Alto High School

These guidelines for peer tutors at Palo Alto High School cover tutor conduct and tutoring techniques.

Classwide Model Resources

Peer Tutoring Program Design and Planning

Reciprocal Teaching for Reading Comprehension by Miami-Dade County Public Schools

This information packet covers the basic principles of reciprocal teaching, implementation steps and issues to consider, comprehension and teaching strategies, research on the impact of reciprocal teaching on students’ reading comprehension and a brief summary of Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ use of reciprocal teaching.

Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans and Tools

Reciprocal Teaching in Whole-Class Sessions

Chapter excerpt from, Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Powerful Strategies and Lessons for Improving Reading Comprehension, provides sample reciprocal teaching lessons that can be used with whole-class instruction.

A Quick Start Guide to Class-Wide Peer Tutoring (CWPT)

Dive right into using CWPT strategies in your classroom today. Get a brief introduction to the purpose of class-wide peer tutoring, its advantages and benefits, and how to implement the strategy.

Additional Links of Interest

Using Flexible Grouping During Remote Learning

Learn about flexible grouping strategies to keep students engaged in learning while developing collaboration skills.

How to Facilitate Literature Circle Discussions

Ninth-grade teacher discusses how she promotes effective group discussions. Sample lesson plan and materials are provided.

Incorporating Peer Supports Into Inclusive Classrooms

A guide to assist teachers in selecting appropriate collaborative activities to supplement classroom instruction.

Positive Peer Reporting

A guide to implementing Peer Reporting – a behavioral intervention aimed at improving the quality of interactions among students, encouraging positive prosocial behaviors and reducing inappropriate behaviors.

Washoe County School District Instructional Strategies List

An explanation of evidence-based teaching strategies / approaches that have been adapted with the working groups of the Washoe County School District.

Peer Feedback Chat Form

A structured peer feedback protocol centered around three questions: What am I trying to achieve? How much progress have I made so far? What should I do next? At the end of the Feedback Chat, the student receiving feedback arrives at an answer to the third question.

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