Below is a roundup of the most recent additions to the peer tutoring resource library. Before proceeding, we'd like to mention that we do accept resource material donations from educators and peer tutoring practitioners. Interested contributors can upload documents on our submissions page for review, and will be contacted should their documents be selected for listing in the resource library.

Schoolwide Model Resources

Peer Tutor Training & Recruitment

Peer Tutor Application | Ryle High School

This peer tutor application form asks applicants questions about career aspirations, comfort level working with same age peers, extracurricular activities, teachers they would prefer to work with and more. There is also a teacher endorsement section on the two-page form.

Peer Tutor Application | Centennial Junior High School

The peer tutoring program at Centennial Junior High School, designed to support students with disabilities, uses this application form to determine the eligibility of prospective tutors.

Peer Tutor Recruitment Presentation | Foothill High School

A sample Power Point presentation used by Foothill High's Knights For Knowledge student board members in recruiting peer tutors.

Program Design & Planning

Peer Tutoring Program Proposal | Hillcrest New Tech High

One of the first steps in setting up a schoolwide peer tutoring program involves getting stakeholders onboard with your ideas. This proposal from Hillcrest New Tech High might serve as an example of what you could include when crafting yours.

Peer Tutoring Request Form | Bayard Rustin High School

Baynard Rustin High School uses Google Forms for their tutor request form. Students can also access the form via printed flyers containing a scannable QR code.

Upland High School Homework Center Flyer

Getting the word out about your peer tutoring program is a necessary endeavor which ensures that students who need it are aware that help is available. Get some inspiration from Upland High School's Homework Center for creating an eye-catching flyer.

Classwide Model Resources

Program Design & Planning

A General Guideline For Implementing Peer Tutoring Programs

This quick guide by Accommodation Central describes different types of peer tutoring programs and briefly outlines the steps for implementation.

Lesson Plans & Tools

Reciprocal Teaching Comprehension Strategy Lesson Plan

In this teaching resource from ReadWriteThink, student-centered comprehension strategies are employed in the reading and discussion of Elie Wiesel's memoir, Night.

Additional Links of Interest

A Blueprint for Scaling Tutoring Across Public Schools

As an exploration of how tutoring could be scaled nationally to address COVID-19 learning loss and become a permanent feature of the U.S. public education system, Brown University authors, Matthew A. Kraft and Grace T. Falken envision high school students tutoring in elementary schools via an elective class, college students tutoring in middle schools via federal work-study, and full time 2- and 4-year college graduates tutoring in high schools via AmeriCorps.

Written Expression Intervention

This document from Chattooga County School District website explains how to conduct a number of writing interventions such as Peer Tutoring Spelling Game, Story Starter and several others. Suggestions for monitoring progress and evaluating effectiveness are also included.

Increasing Student Engagement and Achievement with Peer Tutors

Peer tutoring advocates weigh in on the benefits of peer tutoring and suggest ways to help ensure program success.

Steps to Better Peer Editing

This article by middle school ELA teacher and blogger at Just Add Students, offers tips for making students better peer reviewers.

5 Ways to Foster Effective Peer Editing

An article from The Daring English Teacher blog, explains the need for direction and focus in order for students to succeed at peer editing and offers five strategies to do so: mentor sentences, different colors, stations & rotations, electronically and forms & rubrics.

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