Peer Tutoring Videos

Engaging 3rd Grade Readers Through Reciprocal Teaching

Experience reciprocal teaching in action as 3rd-grade students take the lead in their reading groups. This video showcases a research-based approach, demonstrating how students actively engage with text through the roles of predictor, clarifier, summarizer, and questioner.

K-PALS Video Demonstration

A video demonstration of one of the training lessons used in teaching students to implement K-PALS activities with a partner. K-PALS (Kindergarten Peer Assisted Learning Strategies) is a reading intervention program that focuses on phonemic awareness, letter-sound recognition, sight word reading, and decoding.

Rob's Learning Tree

When his elementary grade students came back to class for in-person learning after COVID lockdowns, this art teacher noticed his students' struggle to concentrate and absorb new information in group settings. In an attempt to mitigate the issue, he devised Rob's Learning Tree, a peer-to-peer teaching method.

Peer Tutor Training Resource

Gain inspiration for your own tutor training curriculum from these series of short peer tutor training videos used in the program at Jefferson College, Missouri.

Fostering Deeper Learning in English Language Learners Using Peer Tutoring (Watch Video>>)

Also available are the peer tutoring resource library donations made by Rosmery Milczewski (math teacher featured in this Teaching Channel video).


Peer Tutoring Symposium

An event organized by the R.A.D Schwartz Foundation in partnership with Oakland Unified School District and Urban Strategies Council for educators and peer tutoring practitioners to learn about the effects of peer tutoring strategies on literacy and school climate, and how to effectively apply such strategies. Watch video clips of some of the symposium speakers.


Peer Tutoring in Action Video by Learning Together

Demonstration of Using Cross-Age Peer Tutoring Intervention For Practicing Math Times Table

Introduction to The Peer Enabled Restructured Classroom by National Science Teachers Association

The Peer Enabled Restructured Classroom in Action

Keep it or Junk it: A Student Run Lesson (Watch Video >>)

Developing a Successful Peer Tutoring Program

Dr. Chad Gestson, Director of School Leadership at Phoenix Union High School District and former principal of Camelback High School (CBHS), Arizona talks about the design and implementation of the highly successful peer tutoring program that transformed the once failing school.

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