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peer tutoring resourcesThe Peer Tutoring Resource Center (PTRC) welcomes resource donations from peer tutoring practitioners; help us expand our peer tutoring resource library. Are you a k-12 educator who runs or participates in a classwide or schoolwide peer tutoring program? Help fellow educators with their programs by sharing sample materials from your own program.

We’re particularly interested in documents from the following categories:

  • Peer tutoring lesson plans
  • Program design and planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Tutor recruitment
  • Tutor training
  • Tutor evaluation

Interested in listing your documents in our resource library? Please send them for review by using one of two methods described below. Credit will be given to both document authors and donors.

Upload Files (Does Not Require Dropbox or Sign-in)

We have set up a very easy and convenient method to upload documents via our Dropbox interface. You do not need to have an account with Dropbox to send your files in this manner. Just click on the image below to upload your files now.


Submit by E-mail

You can send over your peer tutoring documents to, using the subject line, Resource Submission.

We look forward to receiving your helpful peer tutoring materials, thank you!