YTeach: A Peer Tutoring Platform to Try Out This Fall

July 13, 2021
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What is YTeach?

YTeach is the Uber of K-12 Peer Assisted Learning.

Through our mobile app, students can schedule free lessons with their peers with the click of a
button. As a result, they can engage and foster relationships with their peer mentors in addition
to developing a growth mindset for long-term learning.

YTeach is also a solution for administrators to address learning loss without the logistical
hassle. With our Admin Portal, they can monitor their program with powerful metrics and build a
community of driven learners who take initiative for their academic success.

For Students and Peer Tutors

Students want instant and accessible answers to their questions, but what happens when a
google search doesn't solve their problems? Raising your hand in front of your classmates can
be stressful, and teacher office hours can be intimidating and filled with classmates.

YTeach makes asking for help as simple as requesting an Uber. Students can find tutors and
schedule lessons for any of their courses. With iOS, Android, and Web apps, they can request
help right in the classroom, in the car, or on the go.

Students can also sign up to be tutors at their school to fulfill their community service
requirements on their own time and to reinforce course content that will appear on standardized
testing such as SATs and ACTs. They can also begin to nurture soft skills such as
communication and problem-solving.

For Administrators

At YTeach, we strive for simple. To us, simple means more impact without the administrative
hassle needed to manage spreadsheets, coordinate schedules, and build your own academic
support programs. We give your team the tools you need to focus more on the wins and wows
instead of the stressful whats and hows.

With the Admin Portal, you can view all of your students, their activity on the app, approve tutors, and more. You can also easily import data from your Student Information System (SIS) and ensure security with Two Factor Authentication (2FA). We also take care of engaging your students for you through drip-email campaigns and automated marketing material at key points in the school year.

Here's a bonus: Teachers can coordinate their office hours through our app, which creates a
one-stop-shop for all academic support.

Pioneer Our Platform

We are looking for schools and school districts to pioneer our platform this upcoming fall.
Whether you are looking to implement a peer tutoring program at your school or you want to
relieve the administrative workload of your current program, we can work together to build a
powerful and impactful resource for your students.

If you would like more information or just want to connect with us, email our team at Also, feel free to visit our website at

Stefano Sanchez is the Co-Founder & COO of YTeach in addition to a current student of the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. As a former founder and administrator of his high school's peer tutoring program, he is committed to promoting equitable and accessible academic support for students.

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