Peer Tutoring Resource Materials by West Springfield High School

February 8, 2021
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This post highlights sample peer tutoring resource materials donated by West Springfield High School's peer tutoring program director, Melissa Morgan. Featured in a previous post, you can learn more about the program in this article.

Peer Tutoring Intro Sheet

Used at the beginning of a tutoring session, this information-gathering form helps collect data on who attends the tutoring center, helps the peer tutor in filling out their tutoring log and serves as a means for gaining information about the tutee and their assignment while building rapport.

Peer Tutor Observation Sheet

A form to be completed while observing a fellow tutor's session. Tutors are expected to observe at least two sessions per quarter and cannot observe the same tutor twice.

Post-Conference Evaluation Form

Tutees fill out this form during the last five minutes of a tutoring session. The form is used to evaluate both the session and the tutor.

Tutoring Log E-mail Templates

E-mail templates filled out by the tutor and sent to the teacher of the tutee, acknowledging that a tutoring session took place either asynchronously or synchronously.

Do you have resources to contribute to our peer tutoring resource library? You may upload them for review. And please embed your e-mail address into your file so that we have a way to contact you if needed. Thank you.

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