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September 21, 2015
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Aside from the lesson plans, tutor training documents, program design guides and the other peer tutoring tools available in the PTRC resource library, additional resources can be found on this site's "Useful Links" section. This section contains a list of helpful content from around the Web that may be of interest to the k-12 peer tutoring practitioner. Apart from peer tutoring, some of these links cover related subjects such as character education, peer mentoring and deeper learning.

Below are examples of some of what you’ll find on the Peer Tutoring & Other Useful Links web page:

The Power of Peer Tutoring: Success for a Retained Student

This is an article from Teachers Network written by Leigh Mesler as a summary of her research findings on the effects of peer tutoring on a retained student acting as a peer tutor. According to the article, the inspiration for conducting this study came about when Mesler felt that the students being retained at her school weren’t benefiting from repeating a grade and often suffered from low self-esteem. Mesler decided to give peer tutoring a try as a means to improving student self-esteem and academic performance. Read about the outcome of her study.

Student Leadership for All

An article written by Lisa Stutts for What’s Happening in Character Education? (A blog by outlines and explains a number of ways in which teachers can give all students the opportunity to develop leadership skills. In the article, Stutts mentions that educators tend to call upon the same students who are naturals at being leaders to take on leadership roles often overlooking other students who merely need more practice at being leaders. Read about Stutts’ list of ways in which teachers can create leadership opportunities for their students.

Deeper Learning Planning Guide

This is a comprehensive and formal guide to implementing deeper learning strategies. Based on the book, Deeper Learning: How Eight Innovative Public Schools Are Transforming Education in the Twenty-First Century, the purpose of this manual is to guide educators and school leaders through the process of developing and executing a plan of action for transforming their schools into institutions where deeper learning can occur.

Want more links? Browse Peer Tutoring and Useful Links for a full list of resources of interest.

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