A Successful 2013 at the Peer Tutoring Resource Center

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As this year comes to a close, we believe a vote of thanks is in order. We are grateful for being able to launch the Peer Tutoring Resource Center (PTRC) website this past November, and we are also thrilled about the positive feedback and support we’ve received in such a short amount of time!
The R.A.D. Schwartz Foundation is very appreciative of the individuals and organizations who contributed toward the development of this website.
First, we’d like to thank the Urban Strategies Council and Alison Feldman for:

  • Their work in conducting research on the use of peer tutoring in Oakland schools, which resulted in the development of this website
  • Assisting with the organization of our Peer Tutoring Symposium earlier this year
  • Overseeing the development and launch of the website

Next we’d like to thank the Oakland Unified School District for collaborating with us on the symposium, and also thank all symposium participants and presenters including:

  • Barbara Pearl
  • Janie Naranjo-Hall
  • Mary Hurley
  • Matthew Hulse
  • Rany Ath
  • Robbie Torney
  • Demetria Huntsmen
  • Jennifer Almendarez
  • Maira Lopez

To all who have donated materials to our growing resource library, we thank you: Matthew Hulse (Aspire Education Project), Robbie Torney (Lighthouse Community Charter School), Janie Naranjo-Hall (Brookfield Elementary), Rany Ath (East Bay Asian Youth Center), Steven Falk and Ben Smith.

Thanks, Aspire Education Project, for your continued support after the launch of our website. Your promotion of the PTRC via your social media channels is greatly appreciated.

Here at the Peer Tutoring Resource Center, we are excited about the progress we’re making and the new connections we’re establishing with educators and organizations such as Edutopia and National Tutoring Association.

We look forward to connecting with more educators around the nation in the coming year - this site was created for you and especially the young minds that have been placed in your care to help become successful members of society. Hats off to all of you and thank you for looking out for the best interest of our young citizens. We wish you success in the coming year and look forward to collaborating with you!

Happy New Year!

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