Creative Ways to Get More out of a Three-Ring Binder

August 7, 2017
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One of the biggest challenges facing educators on a daily basis is ensuring that students have the proper materials to succeed. This can mean anything from getting the latest versions of textbooks into the classroom to keeping a jar of spare pencils around for students who forget to bring them. It can also mean getting clever with materials to make learning more interactive.

Using materials and supplies creatively can also be helpful in a cross-age tutoring environment. In fact, due to the social nature of peer tutoring, these valuable assistants have the opportunity to participate more fully in the learning process, side-by-side with their tutees.

Quill has the full details on several creative uses of binders in the classroom with accompanying infographics filled with detailed instructions. You may find some of the hacks explained in the article worth sharing with your peer tutors. Show them how to transform everyday binders (a staple in any educator’s toolbox) into different learning aids – an activity both tutor and student can enjoy together.

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