Helpful Back-to-School Resources for Teachers

August 6, 2018
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Back-to-school season is like spring time in the k-12 world. It's an opportunity to hit the reset button and embark on a fresh start. During this time of year, many educators are making preparations to try new strategies in the classroom, refine teaching methods and just generally searching for ways to make life easier as a teacher.

With these in mind, we have rounded up a few resources from around the Web to help you get through back-to-school season. Be sure to let us know in the comments which of these resonate with you!

Tackle Back-to-School Anxiety

TeachHub has an article that suggests a few things you can do in your spare time that will help you feel less anxious as you go back to school.

Make the Most of Teacher Discounts

Do you shop Michaels for classroom supplies? Then you'll probably appreciate this We Are Teachers article, which they say provides "the definitive, complete, and BEST Michaels teacher discounts and ways educators can save."

Make Boring Lessons More Interesting

If you're in search of new ideas to liven up lessons and increase student engagement, check out this write-up on the informED blog for tips to spruce up your math, reading, writing, science or social studies class.

Simplify Your Grading System

A secondary teacher wanted a grading policy that was fair, accurate, and simple; wanted the number her students ended the year with to be a true reflection of the grade that they earned and the content they understood and wanted zero manipulation of grades to be necessary. Do you share similar sentiments about grading? Then find out how you too can develop a fair, simple and accurate grading system for your secondary classroom.

Don't Overlook These Three Essential Back to School Items

Learn why, a book on learning how to learn, a productivity app and a standing desk should make your back-to-school item list for teens.

Help Students Reap the Benefits of Teaching Others

Learn about Reciprocal Teaching (RT) and how your students can learn from being the teacher on the MiddleWeb blog. At the end of the article, you'll find links to free RT resources for teachers.

What other back-to-school tips / resources would you add to this list?

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