Reading and literacy are content areas in which peer tutoring strategies are commonly employed. A properly administered peer tutoring strategy can make a significant impact in the learning outcomes of participating students.

Our recently added resource library listing does an effective job of explaining some peer tutoring models that are appropriate for practicing reading and comprehension skills, hence the spotlight on Peer Tutoring in Reading Comprehension: The Importance of a Program in Your Elementary School - a document from the website of Oakland University, Michigan. A link to the document is also listed in our peer tutoring resource library where we curate useful tools to help k-12 educators and peer tutoring practitioners in the successful implementation and operation of their classwide / schoolwide peer tutoring programs.

The 9-page document begins with a section titled “Why are Students Falling Behind in Reading?” which introduces the subject of peer tutoring as a method of assisting struggling readers. Next it provides a description of the academic and personal benefits of peer tutoring as well as the types of students who typically gain the most from this practice. Then an explanation of different peer tutoring in reading models follows in subsequent sections.

Peer tutoring programs that involve buddy systems are suggested as one way to bring peer tutoring into the classroom. Paired Reading and Buddies Programs are given as examples of such programs. The document also examines other common peer tutoring programs being used in schools across the nation: ClassWide Peer Tutoring (CWPT), the QUICK method which stands for “Questioning, Understanding new words, Imaging, Connecting and Keeping it all together”, and PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Strategies).

Tips on developing a peer tutoring program, including the role of the teacher are provided in the final sections of the document.

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peer tutoring in reading comprehension tips

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