Peer Tutoring Resources From Flushing International High School, New York

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We’re pleased to share some new peer tutoring documents submitted by Rosmery Milczewski. These documents are from the Math peer tutoring program led by Milczewski, a Flushing International High School Math teacher in New York, who started the tutoring program to meet the needs of different students. The tutors receive community service hours, while the tutees get the opportunity to improve their math skills with the help of one of their peers. The tutors are provided with training, guidance and materials/worksheets that meet their peer's needs.

Milczewski, who has also been featured in a popular video on the Teaching Channel that demonstrates how peer tutoring is being used to achieve deeper learning explains, “since our school uses a mastery based grading system, it was very easy for me to identify what each student needed, and thus was able to provide them with individualized worksheets. Our school also has collaboration as part of its model, and having them work together in their own time, really helps hone those skills”.

The peer tutoring materials donated by Milczewski include a tutor training document, a tutor recruitment letter and contract, and a sample parent consent letter.

The peer tutor training document provides guidelines for instructing peer tutors on tutoring best practices. It also contains sample tutor ID cards you can adapt to your needs.

In the tutor recruitment document, you’ll find an offer letter for new tutor recruits along with a tutor agreement section.

The final document is a sample parent consent letter that can be used as a guide for wording letters to parents when requesting permission for their children to receive tutoring.

Special thanks goes to Rosmery Milczewski for sharing these resources with the Peer Tutoring Resource Center.

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