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Peer Tutoring Program Resource Guide by Murrieta Valley Unified School District

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Resource Description

This 22-page PDF resource from Murrieta Unified School District provides essential forms and guidelines to ensure the success of peer tutors assisting in special education classrooms.


  • Peer Tutor Survey Form: Completed by students who have signed up as peer tutors.
  • Daily Journal Form: Used by peer tutors to document daily activities and interactions with the students they assist.
  • Homework Log Form: Used to record homework help provided to special education students.
  • Peer Tutor Evaluation Form: Filled out by the special education teacher to assess the peer tutor's performance.
  • Peer Tutor Self-Evaluation Form: Allows peer tutors to reflect on their performance and effectiveness.
  • Peer Tutor Training Materials: This collection includes various training documents such as worksheets, exercises, tips, teaching strategies, and language and communication guidelines, all aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of peer tutors.
  • Tips for Showing Respect to Students with Disabilities: Offers guidance on how peer tutors can show respect and support to the students they help.

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