What Would An Online Peer Tutoring Marketplace Look Like?

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Sharing Academy was born as the first peer tutoring marketplace for university students, where any student that needed help to learn some subjects could find top-notch colleagues from their same university and area of study willing to help them.

In our goal to democratize education, we started an expansion to all kinds of tutoring keeping the same peer-to-peer approach.

It can be difficult for a student that needs help in a specific subject to find someone that can help him / her with that subject. Sharing Academy provides a class oriented search engine that can find the perfect tutor for a student seeking specific help. Our platform also provides an added layer of trust based on a personal background check that includes identity and grades verification of all our tutors along with community reviews.

During the last two years we have helped 9,000 students from more than 50 universities in Spain to find the perfect match within their faculties and schools.

After having been awarded with a dozen of national and international prizes, like the Best App of the World at Mobile World Congress 2016, we are planning to expand to the United States within the next few months and would be especially interested to hear your thoughts regarding the suitability of this platform for primary / secondary grades and universities in the United States.

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Airline pilot for a major airline in Europe for 7 years and a BA in Multimedia, Jordi Llonch Esteve has been an educational entrepreneur throughout his entire career. In 2007 he developed an e-learning software to instruct student pilots and in 2010 he founded a Catalan speaking blog with the aim to help his fellow classmates to understand the classes he already completed.
This led him to the idea for Sharing Academy, which he founded in 2014: the peer-tutoring marketplace for university students within the same school and degree.

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