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Instructional Plan for Teaching Fractions

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Sourced from University of South Florida, College of education, this instructional plan is designed to help teachers effectively teach the identification of fractional parts and the writing of fractions using area model, measurement model, and sets model. The guide is structured into four instructional phases:

  1. Initial Acquisition of Skill/Concept: This phase involves teacher-directed instruction, where the fundamental concepts are introduced and explained.
  2. Facilitate Acquisition to Mastery: In this phase, students engage in meaningful practice. It includes two practice activities, one of which incorporates structured peer tutoring.
  3. Evaluation of Student Learning/Performance: This phase focuses on assessing students' understanding, effectiveness of instruction, as well as providing a way for students to visualize their learning and progress.
  4. Maintenance: This phase is centered around ensuring that students retain and can continue to apply their knowledge of fractions over time.

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