The All-New PTRC Online Forum: Building a Community of K-12 Peer Tutoring Enthusiasts and Educators

February 3, 2015
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Peer tutoring is an evidenced-based instructional strategy used in many k-12 classrooms and schools to enhance student achievement. The Peer Tutoring Resource Center (PTRC), curates resources to support peer tutoring practitioners and those with interest in the subject matter. In addition to providing resources, the founders of this website have always envisioned having an online community forum to foster a collaborative learning environment where k-12 educators come together and lend support to one another in their peer tutoring endeavors. It is with great excitement that we announce the relaunch of the PTRC’s online discussion forum!
peer tutoring discussion forum

In this new section of the site, we aim to promote a positive environment of mutual respect among forum participants while cultivating an atmosphere of collaboration and exploration of peer tutoring best practices.

peer tutoring discussion forums

The new discussion area has been designed for ease of use. The discussion forum homepage contains a list of subject areas (or forums) for posting messages. You can think of a forum as a broad category. For example, let’s say you have questions about setting up a peer tutoring program in your classroom, an appropriate forum to post your message would be the one named Peer Tutoring Program Set-up. After identifying what forum to post your message in, you will need to create a topic (this is just a subject heading for your message) such as: Help with Implementing Peer Tutoring in 5th Grade Classroom. Then in the message body, you can go into details about the type of assistance you need.
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In order to use the discussion forum, you must be logged in to the website. You can create a new account on the registration page. While you’re logged in, you may also reply to the topics others have created. Should you run into any technical problems while using the discussion board, please alert the site administrator via the contact form.
The all-new peer tutoring discussion forum is a place to share your practices, receive and offer assistance, brainstorm ideas for improving or implementing your tutoring program, share your successes and challenges, and learn from others. We look forward to seeing you there!

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