The latest listing in the peer tutoring resource library is a comprehensive cross-age tutoring curriculum guide by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE).

This guide is used in the cross-age reading tutorial program developed by the USOE for elementary grade students. The program was developed to give students who are reading below grade level additional reading practice. The tutor-tutee pairs in the program are at least two grades apart. The cross-age tutoring manual created for this program contains lesson plans in reading comprehension, phonograms and word families, sight words and oral reading fluency.

The manual also contains a training guide that covers essential tutor training topics including scripted prompts for tutors to use during tutoring sessions as wells as other tutor support materials. Additional documents found in the manual include a Tutor Recommendation form, Tutor-tutee Match form, Tutoring Observation form and other supporting materials for the cross-age tutoring program coordinator.

There are numerous research studies indicating the benefits of peer and cross-age tutoring in improving reading literacy and the Utah State Office of Education's Cross-Age Tutoring Core Curriculum brings a wealth of information and resources you can use as a guide in developing reading lesson plans for your own cross-age tutoring program. In addition to the manual, the USOE has also made a video demonstration of a cross-age tutoring session.

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