We’ve been hard at work compiling resources and information to help you in running the most effective peer tutoring programs for your students. For example, in our last article, we featured Dana Monaghan, founder of Teach Tutors – a training resource for peer tutors and instructional aides. We get excited when we stumble on useful tutor training resources because as you probably know, the success of a peer tutoring program is largely dependent on tutor effectiveness. Here’s an article by the National Tutoring Association on the importance of training peer tutors.

Aside from tutor training, there are a number of other useful materials that have recently been added to our growing library of peer tutoring resources:

Lesson Plans

Class-wide Peer Tutoring during Spelling Time by Megan Weber

Math Vocabulary or Computation Intervention Strategy

Tutor Training

Becoming a Reading Tutor: Grades 6 – 8

Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

Class-wide Peer Tutoring Information for Families

Structured Peer Tutoring in Math

Peer Tutoring Research

Effects of Classwide Peer Tutoring on the Acquisition, Maintenance, and Generalization of Science Vocabulary Words for Seventh Grade Students with Learning Disabilities and/or Low Achievement

Useful Links

10 Steps for Turning Your Empty Classroom into a Tutoring Hall

Peer and Cross-Age Tutoring by Northwest Regional Educational Lab

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