Explore the most recent additions to our K-12 peer tutoring resource library in the summaries provided below.

Schoolwide Model Resources

Peer Tutor Training & Recruitment

AVID Inquiry-Based Tutoring Approach

AVID's resource, Tutoring With Inquiry Instead of Answers, provides guidance on employing inquiry in tutoring sessions. It aims to empower tutees by encouraging active participation and ownership of their learning, promoting a mindset focused on learning to learn. The resource also includes supporting materials to assist both tutors and tutees in implementing this inquiry-based approach.

Peer Tutor Curriculum Guide | SFPS Near Peer Tutoring (Donated by Sabra Romero)

The weekly training sessions of the Near Peer tutoring program at Santa Fe Public Schools, New Mexico, are guided by a curriculum donated by program coordinator Sabra Romero. This curriculum serves as a model for lesson planning for the tutors involved.

Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans & Tools

All About Me Activity | SFPS Near Peer Tutoring (Donated by Sabra Romero)

This All About Me activity is crafted by the high school tutor cohort from Cezar Chavez Elementary, a part of Santa Fe Public Schools' Near Peer tutoring program.

Personal Narrative Activity | SFPS Near Peer Tutoring (Donated by Sabra Romero)

The "Personal Narrative" is another activity crafted by the high school tutors at Cezar Chavez Elementary. This resource is generously shared by program coordinator Sabra Romero.

Classwide Model Resources

Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans & Tools

Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) in Reading for High School | Teacher Manual Fee-based Resource

The High School PALS program centers on enhancing fluency and comprehension skills at the grade level using Partner Reading activities with brief retellings. This manual serves as a comprehensive guide for teachers, offering everything necessary to integrate Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS), complete with training lessons for students.

Compound Construction Advanced Phonics Activity

Engage students in a peer-evaluated activity centered on morpheme structures. In this exercise, students are challenged to articulate and write a compound word starting with a selected letter.

ORISE Clue-ology Peer Review Lesson Plan

Tailored for STEM but adaptable to any grade or subject, this teacher-submitted end-of-year review game from Oakridge Institute for Science and Education enhances student interaction, knowledge retention, and various learning skills, transforming the review process into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Cooperative Learning Self-Evaluation Form

Laura Candler's cooperative learning self-evaluation printable is intended for student use following a cooperative learning activity. The resource includes a section for teacher comments and grading.

Instructional Plan for Teaching Fractions

This instructional plan from the University of South Florida's College of Education guides teachers in effectively teaching the identification and writing of fractions. The plan includes four phases: initial concept introduction, practice activities involving structured peer tutoring, evaluation of student understanding and progress, and knowledge retention.

Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

How to Effectively Use Peer Teaching in Math

This Rocket Math guide offers insights into successful peer teaching in math, addressing key aspects such as task selection, student pairing, smooth transitions, effective practice, corrections, task engagement, monitoring, and conflict resolution.

Peer Assisted Learning Strategies - Math Methods for First Grade

Explore a preview of Vanderbilt University's First Grade Math PALS manual, a thorough guide for teachers implementing the intervention program designed for first-grade students or those at a similar proficiency level.

Peer Tutoring Videos

Engaging 3rd Grade Readers Through Reciprocal Teaching

Witness reciprocal teaching in practice as 3rd-grade students lead their reading groups. This video highlights a research-based approach, illustrating how students actively participate in text analysis through roles such as predictor, clarifier, summarizer, and questioner.

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