Outlined below are the latest resources from the peer tutoring resource library

Schoolwide Model Resources

Peer Tutor Recruitment, Training and Evaluation

Helpful Tips for Peer Tutors

Tips for how to be a peer tutor, how to handle right / wrong answers and more by peer tutor coordinator at Morgan Elementary B.C. Canada, Robert Taddei.

Peer Tutoring Checklist

Best practices and in-person tutoring tips from the peer tutoring program at Shrewsbury High School.

Virtual Peer Tutoring Checklist

A checklist of virtual tutoring tips and techniques used as part of tutor training at Shrewsbury High School.

Developing a Peer Tutor Training Program That Fits Your Local Needs

Document by Guy H. Gilberts available on the ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) website, provides guidelines for using peer tutors to facilitate the inclusion of students with disabilities into regular education classrooms.

Peer Tutoring Program Design and Planning

Peer Support Systems

A six-step process to plan and implement successful peer support systems in your inclusive school.

Classwide Model Resources

Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans & Tools

Reciprocal Teaching Handout

Handout by Reading Rockets gives students prompts related to the four strategies used in reciprocal teaching

Peer Tutor Training

Math Peer Tutoring Guidelines (Grades 4 - 12) **fee-based resource**

This one-page guide from Teachers Pay Teachers by Booklovingteacher contains step-by-step instructions for tutors to follow when tutoring peers.

Peer Tutoring Program Design and Planning

Peer Assisted Learning Guide **fee-based resource**

This guide to setting up (PALS) Peer Assisted Learning Strategies to engage English Language Learners is also adaptable to general-education settings. Available at Teachers Pay Teachers by The Expat in Education.

Creating Student-Led Learning Opportunities in Middle Grades

Gain ideas for designing your own student-led learning experience in Math as seen in this example from Cisco Junior High School.

Principles of Effective Peer Tutoring

In this brief guide titled, “5 Truths of Peer Tutoring”, an illustrated overview of what constitutes an effective peer tutoring practice is presented.

Peer Tutoring Videos

Students Take Charge: Reciprocal Teaching

Video demonstration of how a classroom uses the reciprocal teaching technique to improve reading comprehension.

Additional Links of Interest

Peer Tutoring and Reading in the Primary Classroom

A teacher discusses her experience with introducing peer tutoring to her class and its effect on the students’ reading skills

Setting Up a Peer Tutoring Program in Your High School

Advice from The Resilient Educator blog, on the things that need to be in place to get your peer tutoring program off to a great start.

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