Happy New Year!

We’re kicking off 2017 by outlining some new resource listings you’ll find around the site.

Schoolwide Peer Tutoring Resources

In this course, students learn how to design and teach a lesson. The document contains a course timeline, evaluation forms and a lesson plan template for peer tutors.

This publication contains sample forms and printables for tutor recruitment, evaluation, training and peer tutoring program design for students with disabilities.

This fee-based resource contains a four-hour training curriculum, reproducible forms, activity card sets, presentation and PDF files, study skills brochure and a sample grant application.

Videos about Peer Tutoring

  • Peer Critiquing

This Teaching Channel video demonstrates a strategy to help students critique each other’s work.

  • Using Peer Teaching to Build Community in the Classroom

A Teaching Channel video demonstration of how a math teacher conducts homework review using peer teaching.

  • The Reciprocal Learning Strategy by Cult of Pedagogy

An explanation of when and how to use the reciprocal learning strategy.

Other Links of Interest

  • Effective Strategies for Teaching Mathematics (Vanderbilt University)

This resource explains three evidence-based practices for teaching mathematics: direct instruction, peer tutoring and cooperative learning.

  • Afterschool Training Toolkit

A guide to providing academic enrichment in after-school programs.

  • Developing Responsible and Autonomous Learners: A Key to Motivating Student by Barbara McCombs

A presentation of the most effective evidence-based instructional practices to inspire natural curiosity, creativity and autonomous lifelong learning in students.

  • Instructing Students With High-Incidence Disabilities in the General Education Classroom

Suggestions for increasing learning for all when students with high-incidence disabilities are included in the general education classroom.

  • The Rise of Peer Tutoring in School and Public Libraries

This School Library Journal article highlights the aspects that are unique to peer tutoring programs in libraries, as well as the benefits of such programs.

Do you use peer tutoring methods in your classroom / school? You can contribute sample documents from your program by uploading them here.

Cheers and Happy Teaching!

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