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Schoolwide Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

  • Peer Tutoring for Students with Autism

This brief guide from Teacher Vision provides suggestions on how to facilitate structured tutoring sessions between students with autism and their socially competent peers. In this guide, you will find tips for training peer tutors on their roles and conduct during tutoring sessions, tutoring activity ideas, as well as the role of the teacher.

  • RTI Toolkit: A Practical Guide for Schools by Intervention Central

This resource by Intervention Central is a handout from a 2012 CCSE pre-conference workshop presented by Jim Wright that serves as a guide to using peer tutoring and other select interventions for reading, math and writing with accompanying sample worksheets and forms for conducting such interventions. The guide also covers methods of classroom data collection and comes with sample forms and worksheets for the procedures.

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Classwide Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

  • Peer Review Strategy Guide for Teaching Writing

This strategy guide from Read Write Think describes how to employ peer review in the classroom to improve students’ writing and communication skills. The guide also includes links to a handout, tutorial, and a peer editing guide.

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Classwide Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans

  • Peer Edit with Perfection: Effective Strategies

Another resource from Read Write Think. Peer Edit with Perfection introduces students to a three-step strategy for peer editing: compliments, suggestions and corrections in response to a sample of student writing. The guide also offers an instructional plan along with supporting materials and printouts.

  • Using Partner Talk to Strengthen Student Collaboration and Understanding

Also from Read Write Think, this resource offers a strategy guide for differentiating instruction through collaboration and discussion. It also outlines five steps that must be executed by the teacher in order for Partner Talk to be effective.

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Other Links of Interest

Additional links of interest are curated in the Useful Links section. The latest addition to this section is:

  • Classroom Management Guide via University of Northern Colorado, School of Teacher Education

Taken from the book, Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers, this guide opens by stating the importance of a teacher’s role as classroom manager and its impact on student outcome, then delves into ten subtopics.

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