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Schoolwide Model Resources

Peer Tutor Training / Recruitment

SRHS Peer Tutor Grading Rubric / Application

A peer tutor application from Daviess County High School special education program.

NNHS Peer Tutor Teacher Recommendation Form

Peer tutoring program teacher recommendation sheet used in the tutor recruitment process at Newton North High School. The form contains academic related questions and a checkbox list of attributes for the recommending teacher to rate the prospective tutor on.

Polaris Peer Tutor Application

Peer tutor application form by Anchorage school district. This two-page application asks questions such as, Have you served as a Peer Tutor? If so, what teacher(s) have you worked with? What strengths do you bring to the position of peer tutor? and more.

Porter Ridge High School Peer Tutor Application

This document contains application forms (with sections for teacher recommendations) for peer tutor and teachers assistant roles.

Tips for Math Peer Tutors

A two-page guide by Lower Columbia College via Duke University offers tips for Math peer tutors to succeed in their roles. The document provides guidance on the basic steps for assisting students, teaching concepts, addressing Math anxiety and more.

Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

National Student Support Accelerator Toolkit For Tutoring Programs

Developed in collaboration with Blue Engine, this toolkit by the National Student Support Accelerator was created to guide practitioners through designing and implementing a high-impact tutoring program or improving an existing one.

The Power of Peer Tutoring: Guide for Implementing an Effective Peer Tutoring Program

This guide by the National Scholar Foundation provides information for developing a peer tutoring program. The document also contains useful resources such as tutor training guides and activities, sample forms, flyers and other materials for running an effective peer tutoring program.

“They’re All Writers”: Teaching Peer Tutoring in the Elementary Writing Center

Written by Rebecca Sanders and Rebecca L. Damron, this book aims to help classroom teachers begin and facilitate a peer tutoring writing center. You can get more information about the book's content from the National Writing Project website.

Peer Tutoring Program Evaluation

Peer Tutor & Program Evaluation Form

This evaluation form used at Umpqua Community College can be adapted to the needs of a high school peer tutoring program. The form contains ratings and questions for tutees to use in giving feedback about peer tutors and the peer tutoring program.

Classwide Model Resources

Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans & Tools

Peer Tutor Participation Tracking Sheet

This free resource from Teachers Pay Teachers is intended for use by general education peer tutors who assist special education students.

Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

Increasing Opportunities To Respond Through Peer Tutoring

Brief overview by Lehigh University College of Education on setting up peer tutoring as an intervention to provide a way for all students to respond to content.

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