Peer Tutoring Resource Library Updates Courtesy of Hillcrest High School

March 13, 2018
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In our last blog post, we featured the peer tutoring program of Hillcrest High School in Strawberry, Arkansas. Today, we're giving you a peek into some of the documents used within the program. The Peer Tutoring Resource Center wishes to thank program founders, Natasha Turner and Rachael Netrefa for offering their time to share details about their program and donate materials to our resource library.

Tutor Evaluation Form

Used by tutees to reflect and provide feedback about their tutors and tutoring experience

Peer Tutor Orientation Guide

A guide used in training peer tutors on how to conduct themselves and achieve success in their roles.

Learning Toolbox Self-Assessment

A questionnaire to help both students (tutor and tutee) understand the tutee’s strengths and areas of difficulty. The questionnaire covers topics like time management, study skills, math and writing skills and much more.

Peer Tutor Log

Simple sign-in form for keeping track of peer tutor attendance.

Tutoring Referral Form

Preview of the Google Form used by teachers to recommend students who need tutoring.

Peer Tutor Application Form

Students use this form to apply to become a peer tutor. The form also lists the requirements to be met by students wishing to become tutors.

Tutor Agreement Form

Peer tutors at Hillcrest High School are required to read and sign this agreement form prior to participating in the peer tutoring program.

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