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Schoolwide Model Resources

Peer Tutor Training / Recruitment

Daviess County High School Peer Tutoring Application

Peer tutor application form used in the special education program at Daviess County High School.

Peer Tutor Form | Parkwood High School

The peer tutoring program at Parkwood High School is designed for peer tutors to assist teachers in the classroom. This agreement form to be signed by both teacher and tutor contains guidelines and expectations of the peer tutor.

Peer Tutoring Release Form | Piper High School

Consent form to be signed by a parent or guardian that grants a student permission to participate as a peer tutor via the peer tutoring elective course at Piper High School.

Peer Tutor Questioning Techniques

Questioning techniques tutors may use during tutoring sessions are presented in this tutor training module from Elizabethtown College.

Peer Tutor Application | Paul V Moore High School

Application form used in the peer tutoring program at Paul V Moore High School, complete with a character reference form.

Tutor Code of Ethics and Commitment Form

An agreement form that offers a standards guide tutors are expected to adhere to. This Tutor & Aide Code of Ethics and Commitment Form by Dana Monaghan can be found in Building Student Success: A Training Workbook for Tutors & Instructional Aides available at

TVUSD Peer Tutor Application

Application used in recruiting high school peer tutors for the peer tutoring program at Temecula Valley Unified School District in partnership with Temecula Public Library.

Peer Facilitating Application

Zionsville Community School Corporation's application form used by high school students to apply as peer tutors to elementary and middle school students.

Quick Tips for Peer Tutors

Tutoring session pointers for the high school tutors at Bainbridge Youth Services peer tutoring program

Peer Tutor Application Form | Highland Park

A three-page application form used in the recruitment of peer tutors at Highland Park High School.

Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

The Revitalized Tutoring Center

This research-based article presents a strategy for closing achievement gaps and improving learning outcomes by way of a robust, embedded, open-all-day tutoring center model that harnesses the power of peer tutors and collaborative teacher teams.

Tutor Request Form | Palo Alto High School

Sample form from the peer tutoring program at Palo Alto High School used by students to request peer tutoring assistance.

Research Considerations for Developing a Peer Tutoring Program

A handout developed by REL (Regional Educational Laboratory) Central, to aid Legacy High School, North Dakota in designing a more effective peer tutoring program.

Peer Tutor Request Form | Lebanon High School

Sample form used by students to request peer tutor assistance at Lebanon High School.

Classwide Model Resources

Peer Tutoring Lesson Plans & Tools

Reciprocal Teaching Worksheet

A worksheet from Reading Rockets that incorporates the four strategies used in reciprocal teaching into one sheet.

Fluency Partner Check

A center where two students can work together to improve their fluency skills.

Cooperative Critical Writing Activity

Instructions for implementing a a collaborative writing activity that incorporates peer tutoring.

Sentence Swap: Verbs with Prepositions Peer Teaching Lesson Plan

A peer teaching lesson plan where students teach and test each other on verbs with dependent prepositions.

Peer Review Stations Activity

Blogger and English teacher, Ashley Bible, explores in an article, a different approach to conducting traditional peer reviews in the form of stations which she found to be more effective.

Peer Tutoring Program Design & Planning

Reciprocal Teaching As a Reading Strategy

Find out how to use reciprocal teaching methodologies, benefits of the practice and the role of the teacher.

Classwide Peer Tutoring: Four Evidence-Based Models

A description of : Juniper Gardens Children’s Project CWPT, Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies, SUNY Fredonia Classwide Student Tutoring Teams and The Ohio State University Model.

King Solomon Academy Peer Tutoring Tips and Resources

An in-depth article on Mr Reddy Maths Blog about how peer tutoring was used in a middle grade math class of students newly coming in from elementary level math with wide ranging prior knowledge.

Additional Links of Interest

5 Peer Editing Strategies That Work for Student Writers

An article explaining hands-on approaches to peer conferencing that make the editing process engaging, meaningful and fun for students.

Early Reading Case Study Unit by IRIS Center

This Early Reading case study publication contains descriptions and research information on various reading comprehension strategies along with student case studies.

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